ABDA-Database Archive

inlcudes list of already deleted German drugs

ABDA-Database Archive in a nutshell

The ABDA Database Archive lists 244,520 German Drugs taken off the market and deleted from the ABDA Database after their approval expired.

The Archive goes back until November 2003


Suitable for:

Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory


Eschborn, Germany

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What customers say

I am actually using the portal several times per week to access the ABDA-Database / German SMPC Drug Dictionary, the archive with the deleted medicaments or the international SMPC medicaments. So I always stay up to date. I am very satisfied with the service of pharmazie.com, thanks to the team!

Arvinder Singh, Ph.D.

Technology Specialist, IPD Analytics

The use of the ABDA database CAVE is very valuable for teaching at the Pharmacological Institute because there is no other complete directory of all drugs approved in Germany. There is also no other program as good and reliable as the Cave module for testing interactions, which we regularly use for course tasks.

Prof. Dr. Georg Kojda

Institute for Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Düsseldorf

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