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Iceberg Search® (Global Search), Price Comparison, Current G-BA Decisions, Discount Contracts Health Insurance, Quick Search via PZN Numbers, Interaction Check and much more

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We help medical experts to access current drug information in a bundled way by providing the most comprehensive search engine for drugs in Germany: The iceberg search ®


Our databases are accessible around the clock from your browser – from anywhere in the world.


One less reason for stress at work – save precious time and immediately find exactly the information you need.


Our search engine gives you access to over 25 large databases – all in one place.

  • Our clients recommend us to their colleagues with an average probability of 84%. 84% 84%

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Excerpt from original answers:

  • Reliability, helpfulness and innovation
  • actuality
  • contented
  • Secure, uninterrupted access
  • very high rating
  • We are so far very satisfied with you ?
  • Because it works
  • It’s going smoothly.
  • Your accessibility and the quick reaction, customer friendliness, problem solution oriented
  • The practical application
  • I am very satisfied with the database. It also offers a good support and the price is attractive.
  • Convincing findings and prompt cooperation
  • Satisfaction, few failures
  • because I am content and hardly know anything better
Customers answer

The most popular features

Quick search via PZN-Numbers

Official price list for Germany

Iceberg search – the uncomplicated search function of

Continuous updating of databases (bi-monthly)

Problem solutions

We asked professionals about their biggest stress factors in the workplace. Here you can see the most frequently mentioned factors – and how we can solve them.



“I don’t (yet) have much time to accomplish my core task. Acquisition of new customers, care of existing customers, etc.”.

With our iceberg search you get all relevant information quickly at a glance. With that you can finally concentrate on your core business again.

“It’s hard for me to get good, reliable information.”

Our databases always provide you with reliable information on current medication information and prices. Tested resilient.

“There are so many databases that you sometimes lose track.”

At you not only get all the information you need in one place, but with our customer advisory service you have a permanent contact person who can help you with any questions you may have.

“In my job I have to work on many topics at the same time.” provides you with a regular, tailor-made report on exactly those changes in the market that are relevant to you. And all this is automatically sent to your mailbox by e-mail.

“A lot of data has to be merged.”

All relevant information is already logically linked to each other in Everything at a glance and simply presented.

“I have to deal with many administrative issues completely apart from the (value-generating) business”. lists you simply and uncomplicated all PZNs which are subject to a certain administration topic (e.g. counterfeiting guideline). and education


… who are educating their students on the base of and wholesale


… who are using the databases of on a daily basis