Transparency List AVWG

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The Transparency List AVWG in a nutshell

The Transparency List AVWG (AVWG Arzneimittelversorgungs Wirtschaftlichkeitsgesetz) compares prices of original, generics and reimported products, Bonus Malus aspects of the AVWG are considered with their effects on:

  • Refunds by the GKVen
  • Payments and co-payments by the patient
  • Discount of the manufacturers
  • Discounts from pharmacies

The tabular overviews are supplemented by compact economic-pharmaceutical information on the listed medicinal products.

The focus of the transparency list is deliberately on the economic aspects of drug therapy. It does not refer to clinical aspects of the substitution of original preparations.

How up-to-date is the data?

The update of the latest economic changes in the German market is every 14 days.


This tool´s data is based on the database Drug Pricing Tool Germany in []. This database is updated twice a month. For you, this involves: reliability, seriousness and safety.


Suitable for:

Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory


Eschborn, Germany

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