Our Services

Our expertise lies in the networking of drug information. Based on the data of our partners, we offer one-stop solutions such as customized data services, access to drug dictionaries, web services and drug safety tools.

Marketing Services

Our databases are developed exclusively for healthcare professionals. pharmazie.com is very well positioned in the market. It offers an ultra-specific solution for an ultra-specific market. Use this “information highway” for your company or product.

Download Data List

In our service download, you can determine which data you want to download and how often you want to update your data. We supply these downloads under licence from our partners and data suppliers. In addition, you can define the data file format that best suits your system.

Functions in your IT-Systems

Our web service enables machine-to-machine communication via the Internet. You can easily use our data and functions on your IT systems. For example, call up our price comparison or drug safety check function directly on your machine in your system.

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