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Our drug databases are developed for professionals working in the health care sector. We network up-to-date and reliable drug information at one simple place – in

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Our system bundles information about drugs and active ingredients for different sectors.

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Thanks to our first class data suppliers, we proudly guarantee the quality and up-to-dateness of the data.

DACON provides drug database service for medical professionals in its platform


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The service provider in the drug information area is DACON GmbH which was founded in 1989. Nowadays DACON GmbH operates – one of the largest German / English-language database networks in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. The system gathers information about drugs and active ingredients from 25+ databases and 50+ countries as well as about 1,700 medication-relevant diagnoses.

The supply of medicines to the population faces a particular challenge: countless drugs and active ingredients can unfold unpredictable interactions when combined. Furthermore, multiple revenues from drugs may contain similar substances or substances with similar effects. Only a database that gathers as much information as possible available on the pharmaceutical market and enables automatic comparison of the data can ensure optimal supply.

In addition to drug information such as interactions or intolerances, includes the patient´s parameters in the consultation support assessment (“Clinical Decision Support”). Such parameters are among other gender and age as well as existing allergies and illnesses. By means of the traffic light display (“C A V E-Check”), the Drug Databases give the go-ahead or warn if necessary of interactions and risks. In this way, it supports particularly the medication safety in a matter of seconds.

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