IFA Pharmaceuticals and their way into pharmaceutical databases

How does the IFA medicines information get from the ABDA article master to pharmaceutical databases like pharmazie.com? This question is answered in the following article. You will learn who the IFA is, what it is responsible for, what is meant by an IFA Pharmaceutical and how the drug data provided by the IFA are transferred to pharmazie.com via the ABDA article master.

The IFA GmbH and the IFA Information Services

The Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten (IFA) GmbH is an information service provider for the pharmaceutical industry that provides economic, legal and logistical data on goods that are available in pharmacies throughout Germany, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other products commonly sold in pharmacies. It acts on behalf of the pharmaceutical suppliers. In addition to providing information, IFA GmbH also serves as the registry for the Pharmacy Central Number (PZN) and the Pharmacy Product Number (PPN). The database created by IFA is used by various information systems as a source of information. These include, for example, pharmacy software or pharmaceutical databases such as pharmazie.com. The different users of the IFA database are dependent on various information, which is why the specific data can be transmitted to the users in various ways.

How do products enter the IFA database and thus become an IFA Pharmaceutical?

In order for a pharmaceutical product to be included in the IFA database, the supplier of the product must first contact the IFA and request the inclusion of the product data in the IFA information services. The supplier thus applies for the assignment of a PZN for the product he wishes to offer. The provider can then already use this PZN for the production of his new product. A product is included in the IFA drug database when all the required product information is complete – including a product description. Orders to change data are also continuously processed by IFA in order to keep IFA Pharmaceuticals up to date.

How is the product information transmitted to pharmazie.com?

The IFA transmits the collected information about IFA pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products – be it new or updated data – as so-called information services to various direct data recipients. The data is always transmitted as raw data. In most cases, only new or changed information is transmitted to the recipients. This can include basic article information, price information, legal information, storage information, package information, sales information, reference information and address data. The data recipients in turn further process this information, supplement or select it and sometimes adapt it to technical conditions such as those of the software. However, no changes may be made to the content. If the data is intended for pharmacies, it will only be made available to users via the ABDATA Pharma Data Service and ultimately via pharmacy software houses and pharmazie.com.

What is the ABDATA Pharma Data service?

The ABDATA Pharma Data Service provides pharmaceutical data for various areas of healthcare, including the ABDA article master and the ABDA database, a pharmaceutical fact database containing pharmacological information. In addition, the ABDAMED database combines drug information from the ABDA article master, which is particularly relevant for physicians from the ABDA article master. Since these are standardized databases without application programs, the actual delivery of the data to the end users (e.g. pharmacies, doctors or pharmaceutical dealers) via the IFA Pharmaceuticals is carried out by system or software providers such as pharmazie.com.

The IFA Pharmaceuticals in pharmazie.com

The IFA Pharmaceuticals represent the official price-list for all pharmaceuticals sold in Germany. The prices and data of IFA Pharmaceuticals can change every 14 days on the 1st and 15th of a month. These changes are constantly updated in the IFA pharmaceutical list in pharmazie.com.



Get to know the IFA Pharmaceuticals as German official drug price list free of charge

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