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Pharmaceutical trade

Your pharmaceutical commercial services are your central business. German drugs and international prescriptions, new generics, new active ingredients and price comparisons are central to your interests. You want to provide your customers with information quickly. The accessibility of prospective buyers with whom you have difficulty making contact with is a plus. Fast, structured data in the event of price changes in the market are vital for you.

Pharmaceutical industry

As a product manager in the pharmaceutical industry, you are interested in building up a strong corporate and product portfolio on the international markets. At you will find information on YOUR products in over 25 international databases to see how they stand out in the marketplace. Save a lot of time and money and see what more than a million visitors see about YOUR products.

Health insurances and aid agencies

Your colleagues in health insurance companies and aid agencies use to check prescriptions and invoices for correctness and cost aspects and to exclude safety risks. In addition to economic aspects, drug therapy safety also plays a major role here.

Hospital Pharmacy

Your colleagues in the hospital use to eliminate security risks. In addition to economic aspects, drug therapy safety plays a leading role. They use stand-alone next to their hospital information system (HIS) as a third opinion with a link to the primary literature sources.

Our solution for your needs:

Our solutions for the pharmaceutical trade


  • The offer of different databases on one search page is ideal for a quick search
  • You find German and international drugs through a simple, well-structured ATC structure
  • Active substance search and product search abroad (approx. 50 countries)
  • Our supplier database with detailed address data lets you get in touch with your potential customers.
  • Simple and fast search via the iceberg search in (Global Search)
Our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


  • Prices and product information for all German drugs distributed in Germany

  • Updating of ex-factory prices, pharmacy purchase prices (AEP), good background information such as package leaflets and specialist information (SmPC)

  • International identification via EAN number, GTIN, PZN, manufacturer’s product number and others (searchable)

  • Individual, personal reports about YOUR relevant product groups with all changes in the market (also to products of your competitors)

Our solutions for health insurances and aid agencies


  • Low-priced prescription under the aspect of discount contracts, AMNOG and imports

  • Indications of drugs based on ICD10, ATC and dosages

  • Instruction leaflet and technical information with official approval information

  • Compare prices with Aut Idem and Generic Groups

  • Price calculation of remedies and aids

  • Restrictions on prescriptions and therapeutic instructions in accordance with the Annexes to the Pharmaceutical Directives

Our solutions for the hospital pharmacy


  • Interaction Testing with ABDA Database Interactions
  • Clinical Decision Support – Testing for risks age, contraindications, allergies and sex
  • Active substance dossiers with pharmacological-toxicological details Information on active substances
  • medication plan
  • Discharge Medication Management
    Our databases at a glance

    All pharmaceutical drug information at a glance

    Our drug databases have been developed for healthcare professionals. We network up-to-date and reliable drug information at a single location –


    Drug information

    Countless medications and active substances can unfold unpredictable interactions in their combination. The databases in the Pharmaceutical Databases section collect and structure as much information as possible to enable automatic comparison of data in the international pharmaceutical market.

    Drug prices

    In Germany, the databases under the heading “Drug prices” allow the constantly updated and comprehensive observation of the market and prices, price comparison and access to the price history back to November 2003. The price data are updated every 14 days.


    A picture says more than a thousand words …

    … and so our databases in the Illustration section support in particular the visual identification of drug packages, dosage forms and auxiliary products such as bandages, blood pressure monitors and many more.

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    The information highway on the net: The pure “database search” has become obsolete. now offers an “iceberg search®”. You no longer only receive information about medicines as in the past. In the Eisbergsuche® you can now find answers to complex questions as easy as child’s play.

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