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Ursula Tschorn
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We are a hospital-supplying pharmacy, supplying more than 20 hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and have integrated into our ordering and drug information system. Our facilities make intensive use of’s information modules in the medical and nursing fields. Our 24h-emergency service pharmacists in the sterile laboratory and clinic supply and the users in the hospitals are impressed to have all relevant information such as specialist information, divisibility and probe compatibility always up-to-date in one simple place. Another highlight for us is the CAVE-Check: Our medical team is very impressed with the presentation of the possibilities of the documentable interaction check and check for patient-individual risks such as allergy, age, kidney malfunction and contraindications. Especially for our oncological or geriatric departments, this module represents a considerable increase in drug safety, the operation is simple and easy to handle in everyday ward life despite the complexity. We can therefore only thank the entire team and wish them all the best for the future!

Dr. rer. medic. Klaus Ruberg

Kronen-Apotheke Marxen -Marxen-Ruberg OHG

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