Germany SPCs ROTE LISTE in a nutshell

The GERMAN SPCs ROTE LISTE® provides detailed information in following aspects:

  • Legal data to the German Drugs
  • Short Products´Characteristics (SPCs)

With the GERMAN SPCs ROTE LISTE®, medical-pharmaceutical experts such as physicians, pharmacists, clinics, nursing staff, and pharmaceutical-technical assistants receive brief information on human finished medicinal products available in Germany and certain medical devices including EU approvals. These data are compiled from available specialist, usage and product information. In order to be included and published in the RED LISTE®, the pharmaceutical company must register its product or products accordingly. Without registration, the products are not mentioned. The Rote Liste® is a “trusted source” for drug information in Germany as listed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) .

By licensing the GERMAN SPCs ROTE LISTE® is available in various databases, including via [].


Suitable for:

Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory

Source: Rote Liste Service LTD.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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