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The service provider in the drug information area is DACON GmbH which was founded in 1989. Nowadays DACON GmbH operates – one of the largest German / English-language database networks in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. The system gathers information about drugs and active ingredients from 25+ databases and 50+ countries as well as about 1,700 medication-relevant diagnoses.

Depending on the sectors and specific orientation and need of the different groups within the medical specialist circles, various possibilities of use arise. Online pharmacies, pharmacy chains and pharmacies use as a background security system to check orders for risks or drug abuse. Health insurance companies, in turn, review regulations and bills for accuracy and to exclude safety risks, for example in screening projects, the chronically ill and patients over 65 or with multiple medication.

To the pharmacy / pharmacy wholesaler provides drug information service, which is used to determine German medicines for international prescriptions. In hospitals, hospital pharmacists review overall patient medication to rule out double prescriptions and provide patients with hospital medications (switch to house list and discharge medication). In addition to using the system for market and price observations the pharmaceutical industry also integrates its own data and provides information in the news section on


    Security system in the background: Checking all orders for risks or drug abuse. If the software has detected a risk, the check-up will be carried out by pharmaceutical staff, if necessary the doctor will be contacted.


    Observes international movements of certain drugs and medicines: market observations, price observations; Including own data / publishing of information in the news section of


    provides pharmaceutical trading services with, e.g. determining German medicines for international prescriptions; Integration of own data (e.g. information system for customers) and linkage with documentation-editorial system possible


    Check prescriptions and bills for accuracy and to exclude security risks (typical for screening projects, chroniclers and patients over the age of 65 or with multiple medication (taking more than 5 medicines per day) as well as intranet or internet services

  • Regulatory Affairs + Contract Research Organisations (CROs)

    use especially the  Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) Drug Dictionaries to help them to find SmPCs of the different MAHs in the authorised markets.


    Hospital pharmacists check the total medication of patients with C A V E-Check (see above), e.g. to avoid double prescriptions (same active substance in two drugs) and to provide patients with hospital medications (conversion of medication to house list and discharge medication)


    Integrate the databases into medical office systems or pharmacy merchandise management systems


    use the data for their own products (e.g. CD-ROM PharmaMed of the Scientific Publishing Company Stuttgart, CDinfo-DRUGS of the Österreichische Apotheker-Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Vienna)

  • MEDICAL SERVICES, Paramedical Houses

    use overview and calculation of cure and medical device prices for the account with health insurance companies.


    uses the Transparency List AVWG in for advice in the area of ​​fixed amounts and discount agreements between the pharmaceutical industry and health insurances

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