Drug Pricing Germany Tool

The Drug Pricing Germany Tool in a nutshell


The Drug Pricing Tool Germany – ABDA-Artikelstamm (Taxe) includes all economic data for all drugs sold in pharmacies in Germany.

  • Determine initial pricing and launching sequence
  • Secure maximum reimbursement
  • Track competitor prices
  • Improve market access and time-to-market strategies
  • Assess business impact of major price changes and regulatory shifts
  • Track the impact of patent expirations
  • Optimize launch sequencing strategies
  • Price comparison and price history back until November 2003
  • The Drug Pricing Germany is updated twice a month

Suitable for:

 Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory


Eschborn, Germany

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I am working with pharmazie.com everyday, especially with the Drug Pricing Tool Germany. Dapou Pharma is a Pharma-wholesaler & Parallel Trader and needs to have access to secure and up-to-date drug prices. The best in pharmazie.com is always to know which product is marketed in which country. Also the contact details of the pharmaceutical producers and marketing authorisation holders are most helpful.

Salman Lolagar

Customer Relations, Dapou Pharma – http://www.dapoupharma.com

The most important abbreviations in the drug pricing tool Germany

The most important abbreviations in the database ABDA article master estimate:

  • AP Pharmacy required
  • BTM narcotic
  • DRO drugs
  • EK pharmacy purchase price
  • IMP reimport
  • KP clinic pack
  • N1 Therapy-appropriate pack size N1
  • N2 Therapy-appropriate pack size N2
  • N3 Therapy-appropriate pack size N3
  • NA non-pharmaceuticals
  • NL negative list
  • OR original preparation
  • RP prescription
  • VK Pharmacy Sales Price

Demonstration video



Price comparison for Humira

  • E-Learning: Screenshots
  • Language: English
  • Length: 5 Steps
  • STEP 1

    Enter “Humira” in the Drug Pricing Germany Tool field free text search.

    Drug Pricing Germany Tool 1



  • STEP 2

    Result list for the search Humira in the Drug Pricing Germany Tool

    Drug Pricing Germany Tool 2



  • STEP 3

    Detail info for Humira from AbbVie

    Drug Pricing Germany Tool  4


  • STEP 4

    Legal information for Humira in the Drug Pricing Germany Tool

    Drug Pricing Germany Tool 4


  • STEP 5

    Price comparison

    Drug Pricing Germany Tool 5