Drug Pricing Germany Plus V

Price determination of assistive products

Drug Pricing Germany Plus V – in a nutshell

The Drug Pricing Germany Plus V is an optional supplement to the Drug Pricing Tool Germany. It lists information on the billing of articles in accordance with national delivery contracts. These are for example:

  • Medicinal products according to § 47 AMG
  • Urine and blood test strips
  • Assistive Products, dressings
  • Medical devices (Annex V: Overview of prescribable medical devices)
  • Dietetics (§ 31 SGB V diet and health food products, such as amino acid mixtures, protein hydrolysates, elementard diets, probe diets)
  • References to approval limits
  • Delivery exclusions of individual funds due to tenders according to § 127 SGB V
  • supply contracts subject to Package arrangements
  • Billing according to § 302 SGB V (including cash-specific billing numbers)
  • Contract-specific billing of compression stockings

Plus V supports providers  in the often very complicated and time-consuming price determination of Assistive Products


Suitable for:

Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory


Eschborn, Germany

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This database can be accessed after purchasing the subscription package ‘Drug Pricing’ or ‘Premium’

What customers say

We are a medical supply store / supplier of medical practice supplies and use the ABDA taxe with the ABDA article master Plus V for the pricing of the health insurance companies. We are very satisfied with pharmazie.com, because they are fast, easy and all products can be found through the free text search.

Alexander Weber

Manager, WFW Labor-, Arzt- und Krankenhausbedarf GmbH

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