Drug Pricing Germany Plus H3

and milligram prices of parental solutions

Drug Pricing Germany Plus H3 in a nutshell

The Drug Pricing Germany Plus H3 is an optional supplement to the Drug Pricing Tool Germany and contains all the information required for the milligram pricing of parenteral solutions in accordance with Appendix 3 of the Price Listing of Substances and Preparations from Substances (Auxiliary Tax).

The most important information in the Drug Pricing Germany Plus H3 :

  • Pharmaceutical Central Number (PZN)
  • Milligram prices, possibly case-related (aut idem allowed / not allowed)
  • Billing factors to be used in the calculation
  • Details of the information relevant to the calculation of the substances: e.g. the fabric quantity per PZN, molar mass of the fabric, etc.
  • Groupings of carrier solutions (subgroups) with prices and discount factors
  • Information regarding the settlement of liquidators in accordance with Appendix 3 Part 1 Annexes 1 to 3 with details of the factor for calculating the discard limit and the period of time

Suitable for:

Pharma Industry, Pharma Trade, Health Insurance, Regulatory


Eschborn, Germany

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