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The service provider in the drug information area is DACON GmbH which was founded in 1989. Nowadays DACON GmbH operates pharmazie.com – one of the largest German / English-language database networks in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. The system gathers information about drugs and active ingredients from 25+ databases and 50+ countries as well as about 1,700 medication-relevant diagnoses.

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Your customers as health care professionals need more than basic information, which is why we support you in providing your data in a structured form in our database network to the international healthcare market.

The regulatory authorities oblige you as manufacturers and authorization holders to provide structured data electronically. pharmazie.com supports you as a contract partner fin structuring and distributing your data throughout the international healthcare market.

Every day, our data reaches over 14,200 healthcare customers via our search engine Icebergsearch.

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Thanks to password protection only for health care professionals available.

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