Video introductions to the German Drug Pricing Tool in

How to find German drug prices video introduction

Time Estimate for all the videos: 15-20 Minutes

This self-paced “find German drug prices video introduction” will teach you how to use German drug Prices in to increase your revenue in sales. Learn how to:

  1. find wholesale prices
  2. make the link between the original product to its generics and imports and to the producers with contact details (Marketing Authorisation Holder)
  3. changes in price always to the 1st and 15th of a month, find price history
  4. be aware of new products in the market (Pharmonitor)
  5. compare very quickly drug prices, determine which product of a generic group has the lowest and the highest price (Transparenzliste)

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Track #1: How to find wholesale prices

Track #2: How to find changes in price and price history

Track #3: How to find generics and their producers´ contact details

Track #4: How to be aware of new products in the market (Pharmonitor)

Track #5: How to compare drug prices in a generic group (Transparenzliste)

Track #6: How to find products taken off the market

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