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Our Team

Our passion is networking drug information for  professionals working in the health care sector. We are supplier of the portal pharmazie.com, with its intermational drug dictionaries.


Thanks to our first class data suppliers, we proudly guarantee the quality and up-to-dateness of the data.


We offer one-stop-solutions such as data services and webservices based on the databases of our partners.


Most of our downloads are available for free. Customised downloads by subscription only.


You can find here current news, media information as well as numbers, data and facts about us.

Let us introduce ourselves

About DACON Datenbank Consulting GmbH (DACON)

DACON is networking the knowledgebases from our partners, whose data are processed and distributed by DACON,

We are updating our data in license of our partners. It is possible to integrate your personal data into the pharmazie.com network. DACON also supplies constant personalised data service in form of Excel Downloads

DACON offers one-stop-solutions to your drug information needs, as we supply services from one single source.

How it all came to be…

Since 1989 expertise in Drug Information

DACON with its headquarter in Bad Vilbel, Germany has been founded in 1989.

DACON has worked as a Drug Dictionary Provider since 1989 and is the provider of the portal www.pharmazie.com with information on medicinal products authorised in 50+ countries.

For the German speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland and Germany) information on drug prices and interactions are also provided on pharmazie.com.